aktuality-17040132-obrazek.jpg04. 12. 2017  /  Small mill residence – cornerstone laying

Small mill

aktuality-16032183-obrazek.jpg27. 11. 2017  /  Czech architecture award 2017 – Exceptional prize

SC Breda & Weinstein was awarded by the Ministry of industry and trade for the access and revitalization of the industry building.


SC Breda & Weinstein

aktuality-16013000-obrazek.jpg12. 06. 2017  /  Czech architecture award 2017 – nomination

School Dobřichovice was sortlisted.


School Dobřichovice

aktuality-19062944-obrazek.jpg01. 12. 2016  /  Top Rezidence Šárecké údolí

1st phase of housing developement Top Rezidence Šárecké údolí is finished


Top Rezidence Šárecké údolí - 1st phase

aktuality-14360126-obrazek.jpg22. 04. 2011  /  „Central park“ Záběhlice

MF DNES 22.4.2011

newspaper supplement Praha

Záběhlice mají svůj "Central Park"


In Friday newspaper supplement of MF DNES (czech journal) is an article about our latest built work.



Park Chrpová